Cheesecake Factory: Evil Temptress or Golden Opportunity?

The food may be delicious, but I’m pretty sure that the Cheesecake Factory is one of the worst places to go out to eat (in terms of healthy dining). That being said, it’s where I ended up last night after a night of furniture shopping. I went in hungry, which is never a good thing. And in the interest of full disclosure, I should admit now that I don’t usually make very good choices when eating out. When I eat out, I feel like if I’m paying x-amount for a meal, I want it to be really good, and that’s not usually the “healthy” stuff. But I went in determined to eat healthy and still feel satisfied.


My husband wanted an appetizer, but everything he suggested was fried so we ended up with the spinach and cheese dip–loaded with fat and calories, I’m sure. Determined to make a smart choice for dinner, I read the ingredients of each and every item on the way-too-long menu, and who knew that they have “Weight Managment” salads? OK, now we’re talking. I ordered the Weight Managment Spicy Chicken Salad. Sounds good, right? Blah; I was less than satisfied. A pile of lettuce with two pepper strips, a sprinkle of black beans and corn, white rice and (an admittedly good portion of) supposedly grilled chicken, and low-cal dressing on the side. The only thing that made this salad good was when my husband dumped the whole thing of dressing on it. (Have I mentioned that my husband weighs a buck thirty soaking wet? Grrr.)

So there I was, I  blew it on the apps, but made a good choice on dinner only to be left still hungry. What’s a girl to do? Order a piece of cheesecake, of course! I got the peanut butter cup cheesecake, which Hungry Girl tells me has 1,326 calories, 40g saturated fat, and a ridiculous 700mg sodium!

I tried to make smart choices, but in the end the opportunity passed me by. No, it didn’t just pass me by; I kicked it to the curb!

Cheesecake Factory 1: Me 0

But today’s a new day . . .

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