I Should Want To Do This

I’ve been thinking a lot about should wanting to do something versus actually wanting to. For example, “I really should exercise tonight,” instead of “I really want to exercise tonight.” Big difference, right?

So I’ve been wondering, how do you go from being a  “should” to being a “want”?

I think maybe you have to start by wanting something that actually interests you. I’ve never been into running. My chest is way too big. I have to wear two sports bras to nail those girls down. So I can’t imagine that I’d ever say, “I really want to go for a run.” But, I do have some great dance DVDs and fun Wii exercise games. There’s plenty of times where I’ve said that I want to dance. Of course, I meant get dressed up and go out to dance but those days are long gone. Could there be a “I want to go downstairs and do a dance DVD” in my future? I want to say yes, but maybe I should say I’ll try?

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