Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My Stride

Not that I’ve really been doing any type of diet or exercise lately, but I’ve been feeling like I need a jump start to all of this. I thought about trying one of those detox drinks, but then I thought about not eating and nixed that idea pretty quickly. I thought about something like Slim Fast for a week, but again, no food, so no-go. Then it hit me. What I really need is a week of eating well and exercising to get this thing going. I have about a billion hours of comp time at work, so why not take a week off? As I put in for the leave, I told myself: You are only going to use this leave to begin Operation Get Healthy. For weeks, I was all excited not just about a week off work, but really a week to start taking care of myself.

Then on Friday I got word that my sister-in-law would be coming to visit–coincidentally for the week I was off. While I was super excited she was coming (the first of my husband’s family to come to the States), I immediately thought, OK, well, there goes the whole Get Healthy plan. My husband would have to work that week, so if it was just me and her, I’d be too worried about filling our days with activities and things to do.

What’s a girl to do but give up? Uh, yeah right, not this girl! I decided right away that unlike in the past, I was not going to let a change in plans deter me from what I wanted, and needed to do. So this morning while my SIL was watching TV, I went downstairs and hopped on the Wii for some serious boxing action. And then I did some yoga. And then I stretched. 90 minutes later, I came upstairs and guess what? She was totally fine. I hadn’t ruined her day by taking some time for exercising, and better still, I felt great. Tired, but great.

So here we go to Day Two of Operation Get Healthy, and it’s all systems go!

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