The Good, the Bad and the Candy

Week two went pretty much as I thought it would: back to reality – same on the food, no exercise. And then, there was Halloween.

The good: I ate pretty well (you’ll see why not great in the “bad” below). I’m still not making any significant changes to my eating, which I know I need to do. A couple salads for lunch isn’t cutting it. It’s a good start, though.

The bad: I should have put money down on me not exercising. One night I thought about it, but that’s as far as I got. Also, I had McDonald’s on Friday night. But not just McDonald’s. A large extra value meal so I could get the Monopoly pieces that only come with the large sizes. I didn’t eat all the fries, so that’s good, right?  I haven’t has fast food in a while. Not really for me, but more because of the kid. I’d rather make him a burger and fries at home and cut out about half the fat. But let’s face it. Sometimes, you’re just too tired. Of course, this was on a day that I worked only a half day at home. But I did spend an hour in Toys R Us, which really wore me out.

The candy: I literally have no self control. I waiting until Saturday to buy Halloween candy, so I wouldn’t have it in the house for too long. Saturday night through Sunday night I don’t think I ever stopped eating. Paydays, Butterfingers, Reese Cups. One after another. I had a whole plan of buying only candy that I don’t like so that I wouldn’t be tempted, but when I went to buy the candy, it was like another being took over and loaded my cart with yummy, delicious chocolate. I ate the candy as a snack, with dinner, for dessert, and there’s a possibility that I had some for breakfast on Sunday. And I’m more than a little embarrassed that I hid some of the wrappers in the bottom of the trash so my hubs wouldn’t see how much I ate.

Halloween is over. Week two is over. Thank god.

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