A Small Step . . .

Can I just brag about my mini success today?

Having a ridiculously frustrating day at work. One thing after another and I almost lost it. My usual response to something like that would be whatever cake, cupcake or cookie I could find. Correction, whatever cakeS, cupcakeS or cookieS. Multiple, and lots of them.

So today I started off rough. I got mad, ate a Twizzler. Got mad again, ate another Twizzler. Got really mad, started scrounging for change – there had to be at least one Snickers in the vending machine, but really looking for enough to change to clear that machine out. And then, magic . . . I grabbed my coat and headed out for a fast and furious walk. I called my mom to vent. The more I talked, the angrier I got and the faster I walked. Before I knew it, I was heading half way across town! When I finally settled down on a park bench, I was calm and collected (although hot, so definitely not cool!). It felt really good to be in control of the situation and not let my emotions get the best of me.

Victory is mine! OK, so it’s not a huge success, but it’s my success nonetheless.

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