Five Pounds … Gone!

When I was pregnant, one of my favorite things was seeing Mr. Man’s in-utero growth development. You know, something like “at 17 weeks, your baby is the size of a turnip.” I tend to be a visual person, so that imagery really helped me through.

The same thing applies to my weight loss. Since I re-kicked off my program on December 10, I’ve lost five pounds. And excuse me, but that’s a sack of potatoes! Have you lifted a sack of potatoes lately? You kind of have to heave it into your cart. Now imagine carrying that around on your body. Five pounds don’t seem so minimal anymore.

I lost these five pounds which is awesome, but before I restarted I also was 33 pounds lighter than my highest recorded weight. I say it that way because I think I might at some point have been even bigger, but I’m going to go with official recorded weight. So, these five, plus previous 33 brings me to a grand total of 38 pounds done and gone (and this time, never to come back!)

And since this is my blog, um, go me!

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