It’s Confession Time!

Bless me reader, for I have sinned (well, by dieter standards at least!). It has been 38 days since my last blog. I have not tracked, eaten too much and not exercised.

Whew, now that I have that off my chest, I can get back to it. There is a reason that I haven’t blogged in more than one month. It’s called life. I’m busy. Really busy. You know I work in communications for a labor union. You might not know that I am the communications lead, and most often times the only communications for one of the biggest campaigns in labor history. A nine-year fight for collective bargaining? Finally over. Now we are in the largest single union election in history. This is huge and I am front and center. Needless to say, I can barely find the time to cut up a pineapple, more or less write it down! I am not being facetious when I say that I work from the second I get in until the second I leave, and oh yeah, most nights and weekends. Even as I am writing this, I have another window open to answer emails. You see, when you are trying to do a radio ad in Hawaii, you work on their time.

It should be no surprise that my weight loss has significantly slowed. There were a couple gains, which I bounced back from, but man is this a struggle. I lost 11 pounds in the first six weeks, and only 2.4 more pounds in the six weeks since. I did so well in the beginning and then life kicked in. (Oh, did I mention that the hubs works nights and every other weekend, so I go straight from work to picking up little man, which means no time for exercise, although I guess I could be exercising right now!)

The thing is that when I was doing so great, I was eating right and writing everything down. I mean everything. In addition, though, I think the blogging was really helping me. Not that I have some huge readership to hold me accountable for what I write, but blogging keeps me accountable to myself. Plus, you know, I kind of love writing. There are very few things that I do for myself, so if this is one of them, that’s kind of awesome.

We have five long weeks until this union election is over. I can’t let it take over my whole life. I have got to get this under control, but honestly, I’m not really sure how. I’m open to suggestions!

Until then, I’ll keep on bloggin’!

One thought on “It’s Confession Time!”

  1. Em…thanks for this. I totally get it. I recently added a day of work (for a total of three…I know…waaahh, waahh!!) but it has totally zapped my mojo. I was doing really well with working out but now I am turned upside down. The two days off in the week are filled with two boys’ worth of fun and errands. PJ is working a lot on the weekends and my free time is very little. I get home late from work so it’s out of the question. When I read those articles that say anyone can find the time to work out, I just want them to walk a day in my shoes!! You will get there one day! Hopefully, I will be there with you 🙂

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