Game On!

I’m giving up.

Let me clarify.

I’m giving up on the excuses. I have an excuse for every reason why I ate something naughty, or didn’t track, or didn’t exercise . . . and it’s time to give them up. I’m not big on the whole motivation speech thing, but I do have lots of conversations in my head between who I am and who I want to be.

Who I Am: Nice to meet you, I’m the Queen of Excuses and I want everything to be easy.

Who I Want to Be: Get over yourself sister, and get it together!

Am: Um, hello, I am way too busy for that. I can’t eat right because I don’t have time to prepare food. I can’t track because my life is too busy. I can’t exercise because I’m still too busy, and plus, I don’t have good shoes or cute workout clothes.

Want: I just bought you a new cookbook with 15-minute recipes. You DO have 15 minutes. You can track on the computer when you are at work, on your phone when you are out, or even on this great new invention that you can carry around with you – a piece of paper!

Am: OK, so what about exercise? I really don’t have the time, shoes or clothes.

Want: Seriously? I know mornings aren’t a realistic option so I bought that when your kid was up until 9:30 or 10 at night. But, you have finally gotten your kid to go to bed at 8. Turn off the TV and you could easily do even 30 minutes of exercise when he goes to bed. Need new shoes? OK, the pair you want are $60. Stop buying coffee and lunch out for two weeks and you have that right there. Clothes? You exercise by yourself in your own house. Who are you looking cute for?

Am: [crickets . . .]

So there you have it. Who I want to be is clearly the winner of that argument. Now, let’s see which one of us wins the battle. My money is on the latter!

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