The Case of the Disappearing Weight Loss

Call the police –  someone is stealing my weight loss! No wait, I found him, it’s the fat monster.

Sigh. I gained 2.2 pounds this week. This is excruciating. Every time I lose, I gain. Now let’s be honest, I haven’t been trying all that hard so I have only myself to blame. I knew the gain was coming, but it is so defeating to watch your total pounds lost go from 15 to 14 to 12. Actually, it’s defeating to be in this situation at all, but I’m gonna have to focus on one thing at a time! Here’s the thing, though: I have generally stopped tracking, eat out a lot and am not moving around enough. So I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining.

I didn’t intend to be such a downer, but man is that what’s happened. OK, I’m in PR, let’s spin this baby. The good thing is that I set a goal last week of hard exercise Saturday and Sunday, and then something light at least “a couple” days in the week. I ended up doing hard exercise Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, and light walks Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. So, excuse me, Miss Thing, but go ahead!

I have GOT to get it together. This really is something I want so I’m not sure why I am being so self-defeating. Mom thinks it’s some subconscious thing where I don’t think I can do it. But I have done it before, so I don’t know if that’s it. Honestly, I think it’s more of feeling sorry for myself and just wanting it to be easy. And it’s not. It’s definitely not. I set a goal in December for 50 pounds in one year. I’m about half way there and 12 pounds in.

OK, so I actually typed half way there and only 12 pounds in, but then I deleted the “only”. SPIN – I have lost 12 pounds since December. That’s awesome. That’s on top of the 33 I already had lost. (Side note, I think it was more than that but 33 was the highest recorded weight, so extra go me!) In addition to that, I feel great. I’m able to do more, and I know I look better. I WILL get over this idea of “oh poor me” and get on board with getting strong and healthy. I’ve got my calendar out, and I have 28 weeks left to meet my goal. I am going to make a new plan for those 38 weeks, and I know that I will be Me Less 50!


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