I’ve heard this before, and just read it again that sharing goals increases the odds of success. At this point, I need all the help I can get, so I’m game. I set my first goal of 50 pounds in one year on December 11,2010,  the idea being that a one pound per week weight loss was realistic and achievable. I’m almost half way to December 11 and definitely less than half way in terms of weight loss. I’ve got some catching up to do, but that’s OK. I’ve got a little more than 27 weeks to go. With the 12 pounds I’ve already lost, that leaves 38 pounds in 27 weeks, which comes to about 1.4 pounds per week. Totally doable. I got my calendar out and planned out my goals until December 11, 2011. The goal dates are all on Saturdays, which is the day I get weighed at the most awesome, inspiring, motivating Weigh Watchers meeting there ever was. Also, in the past when I’ve been successful, I’ve done one big long-term goal and lots of short-term ones, which also is what I’m doing here.

So here, for all the world (or at least the five people who read this blog!) to see, are my goals:

Start: Dec. 11, 2010 with a goal of 50 pounds in one year

Already met: Jan. 22, 11 pounds down for a 5 percent weight loss

Restart: June 1, 12 pounds down (yep, that’s right, six months and a one pound net loss. moving on.)

Goal 1: July 2, 18 pounds down

Goal 2: July 16, 21 pounds down for a 10 percent weight loss

Goal 3: August 6, 25 pounds down

Goal 4: Sept. 10, 32 pounds down for a 15 percent weight loss

Goal 5: Oct. 29, 42 pounds down for a 20 percent weight loss

Goal 6: Dec. 10, 50 pounds down to meet my ultimate goal

So there you have it. Six goal points to get me through the Dec. 11 date. Now, I just have to figure out a way to make this all happen!

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