Weekly Check in – June 11

I’m down 0.2 from last week. Yeah, point two. BUT, it’s better than being up .2, right?

I know that little losses add up to big losses, but it’s hard to see the big picture on a weekly basis. Still, in all honestly, I didn’t work very hard this week to make any big change happen. I tracked some of the time and ate right most of the time, but that’s not enough to make the scale really move. Also, no exercise for me usually means no loss. It was hotter than a mo fo this week, so even my non-exercise exercise was cut out. Yes, I had opportunities to do indoor activity, but I didn’t so I can’t really complain.

Got some good stuff from the WW meeting today about tracking things other than food: hunger, mood, time, etc. I know that I eat when I’m not hungry. I know that I eat when I’m emotional. Maybe it’s time to get those in check.

Picking one of those, my goal for the week is not only to track my food every day, but also to note my hunger levels. I have a feeling this will be very telling.

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