Somebody’s Watching Me . . . And I Like It

If you eat something but no one else knows about it, does it still count toward your daily intake? My past philosophy has always wavered on that question. Obviously, I know that it still counts, but if no one knows . . .

Remember this song? I’m using it as my new theme song.

Tuesday on Twitter was #TWIET, or Tweet What I Eat Tuesday. I hadn’t done it before and frankly was bored, so I thought, why not? But here’s what happened, as the day went on, I was tempted to eat some, shall we say, not good things. A giant cookie, peanut butter cups, you get the picture. Then I remembered that the Twitterverse was watching and the thought of posting that I had a 10 point cookie for a snack would have been way too embarrassing. So I had a pear instead. Clearly, a pear is no legitimate replacement for a sweet, yummy snack. But people like me, who are trying to lose weight, don’t need to be eating over sized cookies. I’m a big proponent of not depriving yourself, and I wouldn’t call choosing a pear over a cookie I can eat any day deprivation.

Back to the point. I made better choices yesterday because I knew people were watching and judging (admit it, you have totally judged people on what they eat!). Got home and hubby made one of his quick and easy dishes – orzo with veggies and what I thought was chicken sausage but actually is beef hot link. Admittedly, I usually let him pile it on the plate and eat however much he gave me. But last night I had an audience so I measured out one cup and then added in more veggies. Finished it, and kind of planned to go back for more, thought about tweeting a second helping and had some fruit instead.

Wanna see how my day differs from when I track versus when I track and share? (BTW – morning is anything before lunch, afternoon is lunch until dinner, evening is dinner, and anytime is after dinner)

You can see a difference not just in my points for the day but in the types of food that I ate. Track and Share? Filled with fruits and veggies. Track only? Not so much. Guess which day I felt better physically and mentally. Additionally, the sodium for my non-sharing day was way higher than the sharing day. How much higher you ask? Well, enough to put me up 4 pounds overnight. I know that I’m generally quick to blame the sodium for a weight gain, but this time I’m right. I didn’t gain 4 pounds over one night.

OK, so I know that I do better when someone is watching. I had fun on #TWIET but I don’t think it’s realistic to say I’m going to get on Twitter every time I put something in my mouth.  I know some people who post their food log at the end of the day or the next morning, and that might be a good solution for me. I could also try updating this blog more than once a millennium and use it to post my food. I know more people follow me on Twitter than read this blog, but just the idea that even one person would see it might be enough to do the trick. And let’s face it, I can always count on mom to keep tabs on what I post!

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