Food log – 3/14/12

A little higher point breakfast and lunch than usual, but under control. BTW, Rachid Harerra (spelled wrong) is harira my husband makes. If you don’t know harira, you are missing out! You’ve probably seen it at restaurants as “Moroccan lentil soup” but no restaurant can make it like my Moroccan can!

After eating almost an entire Trader Joe’s lasagna for dinner, I came close to throwing in the towel and eat free the rest of the night (and it didn’t help that I was up until 1:30), BUT I kept under control and most importantly, tracked everything. I must stop this pattern of eating something then not wanting to track it because it’s too many points. Listen you (talking to myself, of course!), if you eat it and don’t track, you still ate it. Stop fooling yourself!

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