What the Funk?

I am 100 percent, completely, totally in a funk.

Full disclosure – I am clinically depressed. Or, at least I have been. I don’t think I’m there now. I’m just in a funk. How do I know? My depression is uncontrollable sadness. When I was in college and depression was bad, I didn’t leave my house for days. My mom and stepdad had to come up and get me out. That’s for sure not where I am now. I’m just in a funk.

I recognize that I have a wonderful husband and a truly amazing little boy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel stuck. We have money issues, I have work issues, there are life issues, and then, of course, there are weight issues. Anyone who has dealt with things like this know that it’s a vicious circle. I want to make my husband and son happy so we spend money we don’t have, which stresses me out at work, which leads to me eating in a less-than-healthy way, which then stresses me out more so I take it out on people around me, which stresses our home life, and on and on.

So I can’t do much to fix the money. We earn what we earn and I can work on spending less but we may be stuck here a while. Work, well, I am up at 5:30 and home at 5:30, then with kid, then helping husband with school, so when should I be looking for new things? Let’s just say I’m stuck here for now. Life . . . it’s life. There’s not much I can do there. And that leaves weight, or as I should be looking at it, health. That is probably the one thing that I can control. As I told my mom, I wish I was one of those people who when stressed out got sick to my stomach so I couldn’t eat. Unfortunately, I’m the opposite.

And let’s be honest: there’s no stress eating that involves salad and an apple.

So I know that of everything, diet and exercise may be my best way to get under control, but how do I take charge and make that happen? I have no motivation, no drive, no push.

Who’s been all funked up before and how did you get out of it?


2 thoughts on “What the Funk?”

  1. Getting in a funk sucks! Good news is we can get out of them! 🙂

    Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight. That can help with motivation! Sometimes we’ve been on this journey for so long, we forget why. Also try changing things up. Whether it be a meal or exercise, it can help get you excited about things again.

    As for spending money to.make your loved ones happy, try some free activities. I don’t know where you live, but a picnic at a park or a family walk can be great!

    Hope you get unstuck soon!

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