Step Aside

Holy mother of steps, check this out!

This might top my all-time record (OK, I have no idea what that number would be, but I’m guessing this is it!)!

Here’s how I got 27, 138 steps in:

  • A little less than a three-mile walk in the morning
  • Stuck at Target for 90 minutes trying to fill a prescription. Instead of sitting at Starbucks with a magazine to wait like I really wanted to, I walked around the store the entire time. I’m sure the staff thought I was a crazy Target thief but who cares!
  • Tons of laundry from upstairs to the basement
  • Cleaning like a mad woman (don’t tell my husband that me cleaning the house has benefits!)

Apparently the rumors are true, all that extra movement that “they” say you should add in really does add up. Now to go rest my feet.

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