Food Log – 4/16/12

If you know me, you know that I have, how shall we say, the mother of all sailor mouths. Well let me tell you, the expletives they are a flyin’ right now. What started out as a manageable day just turned into 52 points of WTF? I worked from home today, which for me is usually disaster. But today I was under control. The afternoon started getting away from me, but I pulled it in with lots of fruit and water. And then dinner struck. My dad is staying with us for the week. He’s not the healthiest of eaters so last time he came I planned out menus for the week, which worked great. This time, not so lucky. Dinner time came and me, hubby and dad staring at each other – what should we eat for dinner? I would have been happy with a PB&J, but then my dad said he wanted pizza. I should have said, “you two get pizza and I’ll get salad” but instead I said “get a large pizza and we can all share a salad”. So here’s the thing, we got Ledo’s pizza, which is the kind cut into squares. I blindly assumed that four or five pieces was the equivalent of one regular piece, and it’s thin crust so I put it at 7 or 8 points. I had about 10 pieces (don’t judge, they’re small!), which I thought would be 16 points. AFTER we ate, I realized I had the nutritional information and, hello, my 10 pieces were 30 mother f’ing points. Plus, instead of using my own lite dressing with my craptastic salad, I used Ledo’s house dressing. I don’t have the nutritional info, but I’m putting it at 4 points instead of my 1. And also much less healthy.

I am so annoyed at myself, but believe this, this will not happen again. Oh, I might eat 30 points of something again, but it will be by choice. If I eat 30 points of anything, it’s going to be because I choose to and because it’s awesome. Not a greasy, floppy piece of pizza.


One thought on “Food Log – 4/16/12”

  1. I could have written this post. My weekends tend to get away from me like that. I start out fine and the next thing you know I’ve eaten every point available to me and I’m working on someone else’s points!

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