Foodie Penpals – June 2012

I am in chocolate lovers heaven!

Check out the stash I got from June’s Foodie Penpals!

(If you don’t know about Foodie Penpals, Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean runs it every month. You get sent a name and email address, contact that person for their address and other information (allergies, etc.) and then mail them a food package. The person who sends you a package is a totally different person.)

I hit the chocolate jackpot this month thanks to Kirsten, who blogs over at Kiss, Laugh and Dream.

I have to admit, while I didn’t eat every bite of everything, I did have at least a taste of it all. And honey, it was all good! The Choxie chocolate bar was my favorite. Chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel, peanuts . . . what’s not to love? My husband ate up the Godiva chocolate bar and he and the kid shared the Lindt chocolates. (If you think these two are going to let me keep a box of goodies all to myself, you must be crazy!) The rest? Mine. All mine. The package came at the perfect time, right before I was leaving for a business trip. The Balance bars were perfect on the car ride and the pistachios were great in the hotel room. I love pistachios for a million reasons but most of all because they take longer to eat so I feel like I’m getting more! I brought a loaf of bread with me (yes, I’m that person in the hotel eating sandwiches in her room!) so the Justin’s peanut butter and hazelnut butter were great on sammies! Last but not least, I put the York Peppermint Patty pieces in the freezer, where they still are. I have a handful and put the rest back for later. Delicious now and delicious to come!

For my penpal, I sent a pretty awesome package of foods that tell a little about me. The person I sent to doesn’t blog and I never heard back from her, so I’ll just assume she liked it all! I really like the stuff I got so I may copycat myself and do it again next month!

Past Foodie Penpals

May 2012

March 2012

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