Health, Happiness and the Unexpected

Oh, hey, have ya heard about my awesome husband?

This month was our seventh wedding anniversary. We don’t usually do gifts but wouldn’t cha know it, this year he went all lovey and what not.

Can you guess what I got?

No, definitely not any of those. Flowers? I’m allergic. Chocolate? Hello? Trying to lose weight! Jewelry? Uh, no. (Although I did get a beautiful necklace/earring set for Hannukah last year.) Romance? A ha ha, that’s a good one. Rachid is many things but romantic is not one of them!

I know, I know, you are just dying to know, “Emily, WHAT did you get?” Well get ready for it, honey, cuz it’s going to knock your socks off. Well, maybe not your socks but your shoes at least. Drumroll please  . . .

[anticipation is building]

[curiousity is killing]

[OK, now you’re just getting mad]


Yep, new sneaks. I know, you’re like, he got her sneakers and she’s all pressed? Well, yeah, I kinda am.

First let me say that this wasn’t a “I want you to exercise so I’m buying you sneakers” gift. Rachid may have his faults but not supporting me or judging me is not among them. He has never once said anything about my weight. Not when I gained 50 pounds in our first six months together and then more after that. Not when I lost 70 pounds and then gained half back. Not when I’ve been back on Weight Watchers for 19 months and lost a grand total of 15 pounds. And definitely not when I’ve even gained back six of those pounds. (Man, this is depressing).

The sneakers actually were his way of supporting me. He can’t relate to my struggle, I mean, dude is North African. Here’s the thing about North Africans – the men are skinny and the women have a bit more weight on them. This guy is a buck 25 soaking wet and can’t gain weight if he tries. So no, he doesn’t understand why I can’t just lose the weight, but he does want to support me. The problem is there’s not much he can do, short of duct-taping my mouth shut.

When I told him I was thinking about joining a relay team for the Baltimore marathon but that I was scared I couldn’t do it, his immediate response was “of course you can, what can I do to help?” Since then I’ve been mentioning that I really needed a new pair of sneakers. We were out one day looking for shoes for our son and Rachid said he wanted to buy me new sneakers for an anniversary present. Now, the truth is that he probably would have bought them anyway but it was still super sweet and pretty funny. It’s not the gift of my dreams, but it’s something really thoughtful and something I can actually use.

So happy anniversary to us and cheers to my super, duper awesome husband! Kanbghik, habibi.

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