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Just a regular ol' gal with a years-old weight problem; the problem being I've never met a food that I didn't like and haven't been able to commit to regular exercise. I love my son and husband 100 percent, and I am trying to do the same for myself.

I Should Want To Do This

I’ve been thinking a lot about should wanting to do something versus actually wanting to. For example, “I really should exercise tonight,” instead of “I really want to exercise tonight.” Big difference, right?

So I’ve been wondering, how do you go from being a  “should” to being a “want”?

I think maybe you have to start by wanting something that actually interests you. I’ve never been into running. My chest is way too big. I have to wear two sports bras to nail those girls down. So I can’t imagine that I’d ever say, “I really want to go for a run.” But, I do have some great dance DVDs and fun Wii exercise games. There’s plenty of times where I’ve said that I want to dance. Of course, I meant get dressed up and go out to dance but those days are long gone. Could there be a “I want to go downstairs and do a dance DVD” in my future? I want to say yes, but maybe I should say I’ll try?

OK , Starting Now!

I can’t be the only one this happens to. I say I’m going to start eating right, exercising, blah, blah. So I do, for about a day, and then get sidetracked. So I’m starting over again on my quest to be Me Less 50. This time for real. No, really. For real!

Eat Like a Kid!

Watching my two-year-old eat this past weekend made me think – I should learn to eat like him!

The great thing about kids eating is this: they eat when they are hungry, and stop eating when the are full. Duh, why didn’t I ever think of that? My kid tells me when he’s hungry, and then puts his food back when he’s full, even if he still has food on his plate! It sometimes makes me wonder if he’s really my kid.

Another thing I noticed is how slowly he eats, which I’m sure has to do with the whole “getting full and not needing to eat my whole plate of food” thing. Friday night we both had a bowl of pasta (his sprayed with butter, mine with salad dressing). Of course, his bowl was about 1/3 the size of mine. And of course, I finished my whole bowl before he had taken maybe five bites. I’m constantly telling myself to slow down when I eat. What’s the theory, that it takes 20 minutes to start to feel full? In 20 minutes, I easily could eat a salad, full meal and dessert! Hey, me, slow it down!

I also noticed that I make sure he has fruits and veggies with every meal; something that I definitely don’t do for myself. It’s important to me that he eat balanced meals, but admittedly not important that I do the same. Yesterday he told me he wanted chips (after already eating some). I replied by asking him if he wanted an apple or a banana. He said chips. I said apple or banana. He said banana, and later ate the apple too. Later, I wanted a snack, and had some crackers.

So why am I so determined to keep him healthy, but not willing to keep myself healthy? I feel like I need to retrain myself on how to eat. I have plenty of fruits and veggies in the house; there’s no reason I also couldn’t have eaten an apple.

I’m not really into the whole psychology of things, but I think maybe it also has something to do with not wanting him to face the weight problems I have (not that I had them when I was two!). Hmm, so maybe then, I should add to that by setting a good example. I think I’ll start right now.

Is It Possible To Eat Well For Under Ten Bucks?


Two days before payday, I have no lunch and $7 in my wallet. There are really slim pickings for food choices around my office. Well, lots of places for a sit-down fancy-pants lunch (I work by the Capitol so lots of nice places for politicos to go), but not much for less than $10.

There’s one sandwich shop, where my seven bucks would not be enough for even a plain turkey sammy. Seriously. Then there’s Quiznos, which no matter how many times I try, makes me sick every time. There’s a burger place that’s pretty cheap, but it’s greasy and also tends to make me sick. I have no choice but to go to the hot dog cart. Two dogs, chips and a soda for $4.50. Can’t beat that!

I know it wasn’t a healthy choice, but what choice did I have? Well, I could have made lunch at home and not had this problem. Except the night before was a late night and I didn’t have time to make anything. I know from experience that when I don’t plan ahead, disaster is soon to follow. I keep thinking about a better choice that I could have made. I guess I could have bought an apple but then what else? I’d still be hungry and stuck with nothing.

This happens to me all the time, and more times than not, I end up at the good ol’ hot dog cart. So what do you do at work when you have nothing to eat and very little money?

Cheesecake Factory: Evil Temptress or Golden Opportunity?

The food may be delicious, but I’m pretty sure that the Cheesecake Factory is one of the worst places to go out to eat (in terms of healthy dining). That being said, it’s where I ended up last night after a night of furniture shopping. I went in hungry, which is never a good thing. And in the interest of full disclosure, I should admit now that I don’t usually make very good choices when eating out. When I eat out, I feel like if I’m paying x-amount for a meal, I want it to be really good, and that’s not usually the “healthy” stuff. But I went in determined to eat healthy and still feel satisfied.


My husband wanted an appetizer, but everything he suggested was fried so we ended up with the spinach and cheese dip–loaded with fat and calories, I’m sure. Determined to make a smart choice for dinner, I read the ingredients of each and every item on the way-too-long menu, and who knew that they have “Weight Managment” salads? OK, now we’re talking. I ordered the Weight Managment Spicy Chicken Salad. Sounds good, right? Blah; I was less than satisfied. A pile of lettuce with two pepper strips, a sprinkle of black beans and corn, white rice and (an admittedly good portion of) supposedly grilled chicken, and low-cal dressing on the side. The only thing that made this salad good was when my husband dumped the whole thing of dressing on it. (Have I mentioned that my husband weighs a buck thirty soaking wet? Grrr.)

So there I was, I  blew it on the apps, but made a good choice on dinner only to be left still hungry. What’s a girl to do? Order a piece of cheesecake, of course! I got the peanut butter cup cheesecake, which Hungry Girl tells me has 1,326 calories, 40g saturated fat, and a ridiculous 700mg sodium!

I tried to make smart choices, but in the end the opportunity passed me by. No, it didn’t just pass me by; I kicked it to the curb!

Cheesecake Factory 1: Me 0

But today’s a new day . . .