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DVD Review – Weight Watchers Punch! (Beginner)

I’ve done boxing workouts before and really enjoyed them so I was excited to try this Punch! Weight Watchers DVD. I know a lot of people think WW DVDs are not hard workouts, and I have no idea why they would think that except they’ve never done one before. Don’t let the name fool you. These aren’t DVDs especially geared toward overweight people (although I will admit that they do accommodate that group).


Anyway, I was at Costco a couple of weeks ago and saw this DVD as well as the WW Belly, Butt and Thighs DVD. I was planning to only get one but couldn’t decide between the two so I just got both. Since then, we’ve had family staying with us so I haven’t had the chance for an at-home workout. Finally today everyone went out, leaving me home alone (my dream come true) so I got to it.

So this DVD offers three levels. I figured since I haven’t worked out in a while–OK, a year, stop badgering me!–that I should start with beginner. At a total of 30 minutes, including warm up and cool down, it seemed too short. I am a huge fan of the shorter workouts for when there are time constraints (and when aren’t there?) but I always feel like by the time I get going, it’s over. Also I felt like the moves were not challenging enough. Not sure if it’s because I’ve done boxing before or if it’s just that beginner level. I also thought it would be a little more cardio. This is not a vigorous workout. Of course, if I had actually read the back of the DVD, I would have seen that it’s a low-impact workout. But really, who has time to read the back. I’m just looking at the front. If it’s appealing, I’ll try it.

I’d definitely recommend the Beginner workout for people just starting to exercise, or who are limited on time. I won’t do the Beginner level again, but I am anxious to see what the other two levels offer.


  • I’ve yet to find a DVD instructor I really like, but this one is among the less annoying. Not too “rah rah” but encouraging.
  • DVD comes with weighted gloves. I could definitely feel more resistance in the moves because of the weight. At the same time, not too heavy that they are inhibitive.
  • Moves are easy on the joints. As someone with knee issues, I really appreciate this.
  • Background music is not annoying.
  • Set design is nice.

CONS: (For beginner level only)

  • Too short
  • Not challenging enough

OVERALL RATING: Worth trying


FUN FACTOR: Not too shabby