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Food log – 3/15/12

Still higher than I’d like for the day, but I didn’t have anything to bring for breakfast so thought I made a good choice with the egg white sammy. It was the 8 point pizza for lunch that took me over. It was delicious, though, and that’s what the weekly points are for! (And it was WAY better pointwise than anything I would have gotten from one of the million food trucks outside my office!) Of course, I didn’t track at all Saturday-Tuesday so I shouldn’t be using any of my weeklies. I’m not great with the weekly point management, as you can tell!




Food log – 3/14/12

A little higher point breakfast and lunch than usual, but under control. BTW, Rachid Harerra (spelled wrong) is harira my husband makes. If you don’t know harira, you are missing out! You’ve probably seen it at restaurants as “Moroccan lentil soup” but no restaurant can make it like my Moroccan can!

After eating almost an entire Trader Joe’s lasagna for dinner, I came close to throwing in the towel and eat free the rest of the night (and it didn’t help that I was up until 1:30), BUT I kept under control and most importantly, tracked everything. I must stop this pattern of eating something then not wanting to track it because it’s too many points. Listen you (talking to myself, of course!), if you eat it and don’t track, you still ate it. Stop fooling yourself!

Somebody’s Watching Me . . . And I Like It

If you eat something but no one else knows about it, does it still count toward your daily intake? My past philosophy has always wavered on that question. Obviously, I know that it still counts, but if no one knows . . .

Remember this song? I’m using it as my new theme song.

Tuesday on Twitter was #TWIET, or Tweet What I Eat Tuesday. I hadn’t done it before and frankly was bored, so I thought, why not? But here’s what happened, as the day went on, I was tempted to eat some, shall we say, not good things. A giant cookie, peanut butter cups, you get the picture. Then I remembered that the Twitterverse was watching and the thought of posting that I had a 10 point cookie for a snack would have been way too embarrassing. So I had a pear instead. Clearly, a pear is no legitimate replacement for a sweet, yummy snack. But people like me, who are trying to lose weight, don’t need to be eating over sized cookies. I’m a big proponent of not depriving yourself, and I wouldn’t call choosing a pear over a cookie I can eat any day deprivation.

Back to the point. I made better choices yesterday because I knew people were watching and judging (admit it, you have totally judged people on what they eat!). Got home and hubby made one of his quick and easy dishes – orzo with veggies and what I thought was chicken sausage but actually is beef hot link. Admittedly, I usually let him pile it on the plate and eat however much he gave me. But last night I had an audience so I measured out one cup and then added in more veggies. Finished it, and kind of planned to go back for more, thought about tweeting a second helping and had some fruit instead.

Wanna see how my day differs from when I track versus when I track and share? (BTW – morning is anything before lunch, afternoon is lunch until dinner, evening is dinner, and anytime is after dinner)

You can see a difference not just in my points for the day but in the types of food that I ate. Track and Share? Filled with fruits and veggies. Track only? Not so much. Guess which day I felt better physically and mentally. Additionally, the sodium for my non-sharing day was way higher than the sharing day. How much higher you ask? Well, enough to put me up 4 pounds overnight. I know that I’m generally quick to blame the sodium for a weight gain, but this time I’m right. I didn’t gain 4 pounds over one night.

OK, so I know that I do better when someone is watching. I had fun on #TWIET but I don’t think it’s realistic to say I’m going to get on Twitter every time I put something in my mouth.  I know some people who post their food log at the end of the day or the next morning, and that might be a good solution for me. I could also try updating this blog more than once a millennium and use it to post my food. I know more people follow me on Twitter than read this blog, but just the idea that even one person would see it might be enough to do the trick. And let’s face it, I can always count on mom to keep tabs on what I post!

Your Guess Is Better Than Mine

I am underestimater and that’s all there is to it.

I go to Costco about once a week for produce (yes, it’s a lot but you can’t beat the prices!). If I’m by myself, I can make it in and out with just getting what’s on my list. If my kid is with me, I usually end up buying one or two books for him and we never get out of there without going to the Costco Cafe. (I have no idea if that’s the real name of it but it sounds fancy so I like it.) He gets a hot dog and I get a slice of cheese pizza. I’d say I have the Costco pizza at least twice a month, sometimes more. Have you seen a Costco slice? It’s big. And cheesy. And greasy. Here’s a picture in case you haven’t seen it. What do you think the points would be?

I’ve always counted it as 10 points, but honestly, I probably thought it was more like 12. (The fact that I knew it was more and consciously wrote a lower number is a whole other issue!). This last time I had a slice, I did a search for Costco pizza nutritional info, and hold on to your seats because that mother slice is 19 points. 19 freaking points for one piece of pizza. I posted this same question to my Facebook Weight Watchers meeting group and guess what? They were spot on with the estimates. So how could I have so badly underestimated? And more importantly, what else have I been guessing the wrong points for? I do eat out probably more than I should, and more often than not, I eat at places that I don’t have the nutritional info for. So I guess. And my guess now is that my guesses have been way off.

My favorite thing to eat out is the best food truck ever to hit D.C. – Tasty Kabob. They come around my office every Thursday and every Thursday I get the same thing. Lamb over rice with chickpeas. It comes with salad, which really is a few pieces of iceburg lettuce and a tomato. Then they put on top a spicy red sauce and a yogurt sauce. I suppose that if I was really serious, I could measure the rice out and at least measure the lamb in a cup. But I’ve always just estimated. Last time I tracked, I have been tracking it at 18 points, but now I’m sure there’s no way that’s right. My realistic estimate from what comes up in WW eTools is 1 1/2 cups wild rice (6pp), 2 skewers lamb kabob (8pp), 2 tbsp tahini sauce (5pp), 1/2 cup chickpeas (3pp) and 2 pp for whatever the spicy stuff they use is. That’s 24 points, and I just realized that doesn’t include whatever the chickpeas are cooked in. Already, I’ve been off by 6. Every week. Here’s a picture, what would you put the points at? At this point, I’m guessing even the 24 points is off.


Wow, so I know at least two things that I have seriously underestimated the points for, one of which I eat on a regular basis. I’m not saying this is the reason my recent weight loss has been slow (and, of course, by recent I mean the past year), but it has to have impacted it even a little, right? For crying out loud, if I’m off by 6 points for just one meal a week, that has to impact my weight! I’m trying not to be so annoyed at myself and think of this is a lesson learned. For this week, I am not going to eat anything I don’t know the points or have the nutritional info for. Let’s see if it makes any difference on the scale.

I Feel, Therefore I Eat

Emotional eating has got the best of me yet again.

Nine at night and ready for bed. Called my husband at work to say goodnight, got in a fight, hung up the phone and ordered Chinese. It was like someone took over my body, called for delivery and then ate when I wasn’t even hungry.

And you know what? It didn’t taste good. Every bite I thought about how mad I was at my husband, and then I started getting mad that I was eating and so was getting mad about that.

OK, so I had a fight with my husband. What good did the eating do?

All the things I could have done instead of eating:

  • Gone to bed
  • Read a book
  • Exercised
  • Took a shower
  • Watched TV
  • Called my mom
  • Watched my kid sleep
  • Painted my nails
  • Cleaned the house
  • Done laundry
  • Organized my coupons

Wow, that’s a lot of choices, and yet, I made the choice to eat. Blah all around.