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Food Log – 3/31/12

I slipped off the tracking bandwagon last week and am determined to stick with it this week. I usually let the weekends go by the wayside and then it’s hard for me to pick up tracking motivation during the week, so I have got to start right now! Breakfast and lunch were not what I wanted but I had planned to go to the grocery store, which never happened so I was stuck with whatever we had in the house. We had a family dinner out for my sister who’s having a baby at a restaurant that would give Weight Watchers a heart attack just looking at the menu! I went online beforehand and decided on either fish or salad. When I looked closer at the menu, most of the fish dishes were swimming in some kind of cream sauce so I went with the steak salad. Veggies, protein and delicious! Of course, there was cake to celebrate, but my very smart other sister got the cake from TCBY so it was much healthier, and P.S., super good! I had to estimate on the points but think I got it close.