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Hungry Hungry Emily

“But moooommmmm, I’m SO hungry.”

“You’re fine. You are not going to die of starvation.”

This is a conversation I’ve had countless times with my son and it got me thinking. If he’s not going to starve from not eating for a couple of hours, what makes me think I will? Yesterday I was sitting at work and the second I felt hungry I turned into a crazy person — I have to find something to eat, what am I going to eat, I don’t have a snack, OH MY GOD I am going to starve!

You know when you hear about people having an out-of-body experience? I had the same thing. Except instead of seeing the white light, I saw myself in the Hungry Hungry Hippos game (you remember it, the hippos have to gobble up the marbles). It was quite the vision.


Of course, I wasn’t going to starve. It was 10:45. I had eaten breakfast only a little while earlier (although, granted, maybe not enough) and was going to eat lunch a little while later. But instinctively, as soon as I felt hungry, I was ready to eat. But I didn’t. I had to consciously think about it and said out loud (albeit quietly since I was in my cube), “You can eat lunch after 11:30. Until then, you’ll just have to deal.” So I drank a cup of water and for the next 45 minutes thought about how hungry I was. Then I got caught up with something and missed my 11:30 time. I didn’t even notice until it was 12:30. Hmmm.

Here’s the thing, and this is just my opinion so feel free to disagree. I think when you are trying to lose weight, it’s OK to feel hungry. If losing weight is largely due to a decrease in food consumption (or calorie consumption, whatever) then don’t you have to be hungry for it to work? For me, part of this journey is not just the realizations but accepting them as well.

So there will be times that I will be hungry. I know there’s a meal coming somewhere behind so I don’t need to panic and I don’t need to start eating whatever I can find. I can be hungry and not turn into a raging lunatic. There will be times that I will be hungry and times that I feel full.

Sometimes I’ll choose to eat and sometimes I’ll choose not to. Whatever the case, I need to be in charge. Food is not the boss of me!

Recipe Review – Meatloaf

We’re on a strict budget, which means we grocery shop based on what’s on sale. This week, that item was ground beef. Now, if you’re willing to get the 80/20 beef, you can get it for really cheap. I’m not so I pay a little more but still got it for a good price. With the protein out of the way, it was just a matter of finding something to make with it. We already were having chili with beef and stuffed peppers with turkey, and have frozen burgers, so I wanted something new. Everyone raves about Skinnytaste recipes so I headed over to her website to find something new. I didn’t find something new, but it was something I hadn’t had in a long time. Meatloaf. Something about meatloaf makes me think of being a 50s housewife, so I’m not generally inclined to make it. But my husband likes it and my son said he ate it at school so I thought he might eat some (he didn’t), so I gave it a shot. (Side note, I just went to the Skinnytaste website to get the meatloaf link and how awesome does this look?)

I only found a recipe for turkey meatloaf so I just subbed in my beef. Two things: (1) this recipe could not have been easier to make and (2) it was really good. I followed the recipe pretty closely. Other than the turkey-beef substitution, I didn’t have marjoram (and also I didn’t know what marjoram was) so I threw in some garlic powder. I looked it up today and substitutes for marjoram are basil or thyme so I was WAY off, but it still worked out OK. Also, I was a little low on ketchup so I added in some barbecue sauce. It’s hard to tell how different it would have been with just ketchup but I feel like the barbecue added a little kick.

Meatloaf is so easy. It’s just mixing everything in a bowl and then baking. Nothing to it. I’ll definitely make this again.

My favorite part. I LOVE the smell of onions cooking!
Can’t go wrong with Sweet Baby Ray’s!
Good ol’ lean ground beef
Going in to the oven
Going in to the oven

The hardest part about making meatloaf is waiting an hour for it to cook. Luckily, I have a five-year-old who has lots of things he needs mommy to do  so I barely noticed the time go by!

The finished product
The finished product

I am a terrible food chopper so the onions were a little larger than I would have preferred. Next time I’ll use the food processor, or better yet, my husband.

Foodie Penpals!

A while back I saw a post on Twitter for Foodie Penpals. I love food and love writing, so I thought it sounded good. It’s pretty simple. You get sent a name and email address, contact that person for their address and other information (allergies, etc.) and then mail them a food package. The person who sends you a package is a totally different person.

The person who sent me a package was Tayla, who blogs over at She’ll Be Free.  Tayla is very talented and quite lovely. And like me, she has struggled with her weight. Unlike my struggles with overeating, Tayla was diagnosed anorexia and is on her way to recovery. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about what Tayla would send me. Not everything is “Weight Watchers friendly” but it’s all fantastic and I can’t wait to try everything.

Here’s what I got:

Individually – Diamond glazed walnuts, Bear Naked Fit granola, POM juice, Ghirardelli peppermint hot chocolate, Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams, Milka chopped hazelnut chocolate, Roland udon noodles, Justin’s classic almond butter, and a few different teas.

I’m not a walnut person, but apparently shellacking them with sugar makes them delicious! I had to give the bag to my hubs so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing! The granola is perfect for topping off my yogurt and the POM juice is great mixed with seltzer. The Milka chocolate was yummy! I had a couple pieces and when I came home the next day saw the wrapper in the trash so I guess my husband liked it too! I’d never had almond butter – always wanted to try it but didn’t want to buy a whole jar in case I didn’t like it, so the packet was perfect. And yes, it was as delicious as I thought it would be! I’ll definitely buy more of this. I liked the peanut butter and chocolate mix. It was a little high in points so I’ll probably stick with mixing peanut butter and nutella. It sure was delicious, though! Now the udon noodles. I’ve wanted to try them but have no idea what to do with them. So, who has a recipe for me?

Curious what I sent my penpal?

Vegan deliciousness! I was matched up to Jamie, a workout enthusiast and vegan. I was going to find a yummy recipe and then send the ingredients needed, but I had a little trouble finding everything. Instead, I put together a package of vegan treats that I found at the organic market. So what did Jamie think? Let’s go to her blog, Fit Approach, and find out!

Food log – 3/15/12

Still higher than I’d like for the day, but I didn’t have anything to bring for breakfast so thought I made a good choice with the egg white sammy. It was the 8 point pizza for lunch that took me over. It was delicious, though, and that’s what the weekly points are for! (And it was WAY better pointwise than anything I would have gotten from one of the million food trucks outside my office!) Of course, I didn’t track at all Saturday-Tuesday so I shouldn’t be using any of my weeklies. I’m not great with the weekly point management, as you can tell!