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If the Ring Fits

I always say that I don’t need a scale to tell me my pants are too tight. Similarly, I can always tell when I’m up or down based on how my rings fit. Now my wedding rings are magical – they always fit no matter how up or down I am. I’m serious.  They fit today and they fit when I was 50 pounds heavier. Of course, they are much more comfortable to wear today! But I’m talking about other rings I have, and specifically one that was my grandmothers.

I love everything about this ring. I love that it belonged to my grandmother, who I am named after but never knew. I love that my mom trusted me with it. I love the design. But if I’m carrying any retention or am even one pound up from my current weight, it’s too tight.

I don’t weight in until tomorrow but I have done great this week. A little exercise but lots of movement, and I’ve tracked every day, drank lots of water and tried to watch the sodium. So you know what that means . . .

… hello grandma’s ring! It’s almost as good as being able to button my if-these-are-too-tight-you-need-get-it-together jeans!

Food Log – 3/31/12

I slipped off the tracking bandwagon last week and am determined to stick with it this week. I usually let the weekends go by the wayside and then it’s hard for me to pick up tracking motivation during the week, so I have got to start right now! Breakfast and lunch were not what I wanted but I had planned to go to the grocery store, which never happened so I was stuck with whatever we had in the house. We had a family dinner out for my sister who’s having a baby at a restaurant that would give Weight Watchers a heart attack just looking at the menu! I went online beforehand and decided on either fish or salad. When I looked closer at the menu, most of the fish dishes were swimming in some kind of cream sauce so I went with the steak salad. Veggies, protein and delicious! Of course, there was cake to celebrate, but my very smart other sister got the cake from TCBY so it was much healthier, and P.S., super good! I had to estimate on the points but think I got it close.

Food log – 3/14/12

A little higher point breakfast and lunch than usual, but under control. BTW, Rachid Harerra (spelled wrong) is harira my husband makes. If you don’t know harira, you are missing out! You’ve probably seen it at restaurants as “Moroccan lentil soup” but no restaurant can make it like my Moroccan can!

After eating almost an entire Trader Joe’s lasagna for dinner, I came close to throwing in the towel and eat free the rest of the night (and it didn’t help that I was up until 1:30), BUT I kept under control and most importantly, tracked everything. I must stop this pattern of eating something then not wanting to track it because it’s too many points. Listen you (talking to myself, of course!), if you eat it and don’t track, you still ate it. Stop fooling yourself!

Give or Take?

I’ve always been good at problem solving and never have a problem with decision making, but this one has me stumped.

Here’s the deal. My mom pays for my Weight Watchers membership. Yep, I’m 34 (and quickly closing in on 35) and my mommy pays my Weight Watchers. So what? I totally don’t care about that. What I do care about is wasting her money. OK, I’m not saying that it’s been a waste, but in the past year, I haven’t really been losing weight so I do feel a bit guilty that she’s paying for me to basically go to meetings. When I started thinking about that, it got me wondering, if I was paying for WW myself, would I try harder? Money is tight and that ain’t no joke, so in all honesty, if I had been paying and not succeeding, I probably would have dropped out long ago, just like I have done in the past. For that, thanks mommy! Even though I’m at the same weight now that I was last February, I have lost inches and definitely have more energy and activity. That would not be the case if I hadn’t stayed with WW this year. I’m sure my weight would be higher, in fact.

But I digress. Here’s the problem. I had this super idea that if I had to pay mom back each week I gained, it might give me the kick in the ass I need. Mom was all for it, but asked this question: Would I rather pay her up front each month and then get money back the weeks I lose, or just pay her each week I gain? I kind of like the idea of being rewarded for losing, and kind of hate the idea of relating payment to a punishment for gaining. On the other hand, thinking about having to give mom money after weigh in has kept me on track a couple times I was about to slip.

So, what do you think? Would you rather get paid (OK, paid back your own money) for losing weight, or would having to pay for a gain be more motivating?